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TOEFL stands for Test of English as a Foreign Language, which is organized by an institute in the United States called ETS (Educational Testing Service).

TOEFL is standardized English language skills in writing a person which includes three aspect:

1.      Listening
2.      Writing
3.      Reading

At first, the TOEFL is required for students in countries whose primary language is not English, but want to continue their studies to countries whose official language is English, such as the United States, Canada, and Western European countries. It is necessary to ensure that students from the state of non-English speaking can follow lectures in English-speaking countries with well. Among other things :

·         Ensure that the students understand the description given lecturer in English (listening skill)
·         Students understand the books that are required textbook (reading skill)
·         Students are able to make scientific writing with proper grammar (writing and grammar skills).

To be accepted in western countries, prospective students must have a minimum TOEFL score of 500 (Europe), even in the United States, TOEFL score required is 550. (Maximum value TOEFL Paper Based Test is 677). For Toefl Test Following this, you need some toefl material as follows :

1.      Reading
Reading is a collection of stories that have themes. This session usually consists of 50 questions with a time of 55 minutes to answer. A common strategy in working on the reading.
·      Don’t be too long reading about we actually don’t have to really understand the way the story is about to be able to answer questions TOEFL test.
·    Don’t panic if they don’t know the topic of the story has to answer to the information available in the story. Not necessary background knowledge to answer every story.
·    Don’t use a long time to analyze the answers. If unsure, guess or return to the question after all the questions have been completed.

2.      Listening Comprehension
Listening Comprehension is the first part of the TOEFL test materials. This section consists of 50 questions in the answer sheet only available answer choices for each question. The listening section consists of 3 types of conversations are listening to :
·    Conversations short, long conversations, and a long story
·    Short Conversation: usually consists of 2 lines and dialogues between two speakers. There at 30 questions with 30 answers to this kind of conversation
·    Long Conversation: consists of several conversations between two people who will be used to answer questions. The number of questions for each conversation about 4 questions

3.      Structure and Written Expression
This type of question is a structure with multiple choice questions which required knowledge of grammar. With Grammar you would think it is hard to understand but take it by following the tips below, you will be easy to work on such questions.
A few tips:
·       Learn the sentence: To analyze what kind of response is needed to complete the sentence
·       Learn every answer in completing the sentence: Discard the answer that you think is incorrect in the sentence completion
·  When analyzing the answers, do not throw the wrong answer without a match with the sentence, Wrong answer generally be a correct sentence by it self. Wrong answer in general would be wrong to be used in completing a sentence.

Written Expression is a matter that requires your knowledge of words contained in the matter. The general procedure forms of written expression working on the question is to look at the underlined word (choose directly which we think is the wrong word), If you can not choose, then read a complete sentence in the matter.

Along with the times, even countries whose native language is not English, such as Japan, Korea, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. requires a certain TOEFL Score for prospective students, who came from the country, especially if it comes from overseas. In Indonesia, the TOEFL even be used also for:
·         Requirements for acceptance of new employees in government agencies, private companies and government
·         Terms of admission of new students to the level of S2 and S3
·         Terms of the scholarship application, both from government and private

TOEFL itself has several times experienced improvement by the provider agency ETS. TOEFL Test forms ever introduced to the public, namely:
1.      TOEFL Paper Based Test Consists of 3 sections: Listening, Structure, Reading Maximum Score: 677
2.      Computer Based Test consists of 4 Section: Listening, Structure, Reading, Writing Maximum Score: 300
3.      Internet Based TOEFL Test consists of 4 sections: Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking. Maximum score: 120

Although officially, since the TOEFL Internet Based Test is introduced in the whole world, then type not apply anymore, but in fact until recently, the TOEFL Paper Based Test is still used widely in a variety of higher education institutions as well as for the recruitment of employees in Indonesia, or in the state non English speaking countries.

ITP-TOEFL TOEFL with a system that is PBT (Paper Based) issued by ETS, New Jersey. If you follow the ITP TOEFL test cost price is: US$ 27.50 or approximately Rp. 280,000. Location of the test can be carried out at the ILC. But the condition, test participants must be at least 10 people, and registration must be 3 weeks before the test. If it has not been 10 participants, the test could retreat. If you mean the TOEFL test is not ITP-TOEFL is not issued by ETS, New Jersey (from another institution), the price can be varied depending on the institutions that hold.

reference :

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