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Exercise 35 : Passive Voice 

1.  The president is called by somebody everyday

2.  The other members are being called by john
3.  The documents were being delivered to the department by Martha
4.  The amandment has been relpealed by other members
5.  The information had been received before the recess by the delegates
6.  The supplies should be bought for this class by the teacher
7.  Mr. Watson will be called tonight by somebody 
8.  Considerable damage has been caused by the fire 
9.  A new procedure was being developed before the bank bankruptcy 
     hearings begin by the company 
10. The papers will have been received by tomorrow by john

Exercise 36 : Causative Verbs

1.   Leave

2.   Repaired
3.   Type
4.   Call
5.   Painted 
6.   Write
7.   Lie
8.   Sent
9.   Cut
10. Sign 
11. Leave
12. Wash
13. Fixed
14. Published
15. Find

Exercise 37 : Relative Clause 

1.   The last record which produced by this company became a gold record

2.   Checking accounts that require a minimum balance are very common now
3.   The professor whom you spoke yesterday is not here today
4.   John whose grades are the highest in the school has received a scholarship
5.   Felipe bought a camera which has three lenses
6.   Frank is the man who we are going to nominate for the office of treasurer
7.   The doctor is with a patient whose leg was broken in an accident
8.   Jane is the wowan who is going to China next year
9.   Janet wants a typewriter that self - corrects
10. The book wich I found last week contains some useful information
11. Mr. Bryant whose team has lost the game looks very sad
12. James wrote an article which indicated that he disliked the president
13. The director of the program who graduated from Harvard University is
       planning to retire next year
14. This is the book that I have been looking for all year
15. William whose brother is a lawyer wants to become a judge 

Exercise 38 : Relative Clause Reduction

1.   George is the man chosen the represent the committee at the convention
2.   All of the money accepted has already been released
3.   The papaers on the table belong to Patricia
4.   The man brought to the police station confessed to the crime
5.   The girl drinking coffe is Marry Allen 
6.   John's wife, a proffessor, has written several papers o this subject
7.   The man talking to the policeman is my uncle
8.   The book on the top shelf  is the one that I need
9.   The number of students counted is quite high 
10. Leo Evans, a doctor, eats in this restaurant every day 

Exercise 39 : Subjunctive

1.   The teacher demanded the student to leave the room
2.   Correct
3.   It was very important that we delayed discussion 
4.   Correct
5.   The king decreed the new laws to take effect the following months
6.   Correct
7.   Correct
8.   His father prefers him to attend a different university
9.   The faculty stipulated the rule to be abolished
10. She urged us to find another alternative

Exercise 40 : Inclusives

1.   Not only
2.   And
3.   Both
4.   But also
5.   As well as
6.   Not only
7.   As well as
8.   But also
9.   As well as
10. As well as

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